A rebirth of sorts

May 25, 2011

I’m BAAAAACK!  It’s been a crazy 2011, what with wedding planning and such.  But the wedding is over and there’s so much to say about these kids of mine.  I miss writing here.  I miss sharing it with the kids.  I hope they miss coming here and reading this.  So here’s the plan.  I’ll be diligently meeting at least a few good posts frequently.

1. Music Monday – A quick post (and maybe a youtube video) of one of the kids or our family’s favorite songs.  Music is very important in this house. Why  not keep these memories together, too.

2. Wordless Wednesday- I need more pictures of my kiddos.  I just don’t take them often enough. So now, I will have a reason to get creative and build repetition.

3. Think Back Thursday- They’re 8 and 12 now.  The stories of yesterday are many.  It’s important to capture those, as well.


I love these kids and I love this space. I hope they’ll love having it back.

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