My Sunday Best

November 17, 2009

This week we went to church (and it had been a few weeks since we’d been) to find that it was Stewardship Sunday. What does this mean? It means they want to talk money. A part of me wanted to crawl under the pew and hide, as money is not a topic I ever have enough of, or ever want to discuss. Add the thrill of paying for an upcoming surgery, still paying off “getting into the house” bills AND birthdays and Christmas all within the next 90 days….I was not UP for this particular sermon.

But when Dr. Elnes started talking, he began with the story about a woman who, a few years previously, had pulled him aside and mentioned that she had significantly upped her donation, as she was that much MORE committed to the church. During this discussion. she let him know that she would like to find more ways to “give” to the church. He found several places that she could find ways to help the church and broaden her community of faith. He went on to say that over that next year, she’d had to make some VERY difficult decisions for her family. Some of the hardest decisions anyone has had to make. But, despite this, over that year, her joy had returned. Her outlook on life increased dramatically.

Bear, who is EXTREMELY attentive during church, leaned over to me and ever so quietly whispered. “Mom, is he talking about you?”

No, son, he wasn’t; but he very well could have been. The last several years may not have been easy, but we have found our joy…and that has been priceless.

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