I left work early Friday for a nap before taking the kids to the ball. Because, Mom being sick, is NO excuse to miss the elementary school ball. I learned a lot about my kids that night.

Bug wanted nothing more than to go to the ball. When I asked what she was going to wear, she had it all figured out. She wanted her hair done and her make up done. It was an opportunity to be a princess. She wanted to find her bffs and dance and sing the night away. Bear on the other hand was apprehensive. At school when they’d had “dancing” in gym class, he found it very awkward to dance with a girl. So he couldn’t see what the big deal was. But he said he would go, simply because everyone else was going to be there, also.

What actually happened that night, was awesome. We all dressed up to go. We had to park quite a distance from the school and it was cold and icy. Bear stayed close to me and helped make sure I didn’t slip in my stilettos on the ice. For 11, he was strong, thoughtful and an amazing “date”. Bug, who is typically the whiner, was so excited she barely noticed the cold, icy walk. But did point out any areas of ice she noticed to her brother and I, so that we would be safe. As soon as we walked in the door, we bought them raffle tickets and they raced to show me their artwork that was hanging on the wall. I asked them if we could please get a family picture taken…and they happily agreed. They helped each other find their friends. They checked in with me frequently to make sure that I knew where they were and who they were with. They were happy, respectful and most importantly….they were kids. It was such a joy to watch them just be in their element. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to watch them interact with their peers, their teachers and other adults, but I soaked up every moment of this one.

We chatted excitedly all the way home. We all got directly into our jammies and I told them that they could come hang out in my bed, to read, if they wanted, but that due to my illness, it was time for me to go to bed. My son came in about 10 minutes later, with a glass of water for me, and he pulled the covers up around me and then sang this……

“Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.”

If you don’t watch Big Bang Theory, it won’t make any sense. But if you do, you know it was the sweetest, most loving moment an 11 year old boy can muster for his sick mom. And one, in all my years, I’ll never forget.

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