Boys are different than girls, as a blanket statement, it’s just true. Bear is an adventurer. He will invariably find the only puddle left in the street after a rainstorm,  the lone glob of mud beconing to be squished beneath his immaculate church shoes and of course the rock, pebble or dirt clod begging to be thrown into whatever nearby target he can find, sometimes his sister. And while both Bug and Bear were gifted with BB guns a short while back, only Bear is out there setting up plastic army men, forgotten happy meal toys or other misfit toys as targets day after day.  It never gets old. Being as it’s so soon after Christmas, the echoes of a Christmas Story are still bouncing around  in my head. And Bear, like Ralphie, loves his carbine-action, 200-shot, range model air rifle. 
So was I surprised to get a call last night that started began with “My friend and I were outside shooting our bb gun and even though I had been told not to go exploring, we did.”? Not really. From here, the story took a long and winding, detailed path to the eventual “and he was shooting a target down by the creek, when he shot clear through the target and we heard a PING sound.  Since we didn’t know what happened but we knew it wasn’t good we ran and hid.” Again, the story meandered about until…”She found us, and she was a teacher at my elementary school.” Followed shortly by, “he’d hit her car, Mom, but only the bumper”.
All the while, I’m listening, jaw hanging open at the audacity of my child to do this and also amused at the way  that only he can take a story and make it longer than the actual incident. I’m conflicted by the emotion of downright ANGER than my son could be so thoughtless and beguiled by his consistency of just being so PREDICTABLY a boy.
When finally, he gets to the very point in which he called. “Dad says we are no where near finished being punished, but he thinks that when I am at your house, I should be responsible for emptying the dishwasher and picking up dog poop for awhile.
Ah, yes.  THE COLD HARD REALITY.  While boys will always be boys…there will always be consequences. And the consequences are, quite often, a real bitch.

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