Football is kinda my thing…

September 21, 2009

In case you didn’t know this about me, I live for football season. It doesn’t matter the brand, high school, college, pro…I love them all. I know football. I breathe football. So this season.. fall, autumn, football season, whatever you wish to call it, is my FAVORITE. This weekend, I decided to try once again to see if the kids were ready to take the plunge into becoming football fanatics.

Friday night we went to the high school football game at the stadium close to our house. We went with my Mom and Dad. It was a riot. I was most worried about Bug because Bear, being a boy, at least has an interest in understanding sports. (No worries, though, I’ve got him on the football fast track!) Bug, as expected, started whining on the way INTO the stadium. She was concerned about the gum in her mouth (which she begged for after dinner…only 15 minutes prior). How ever could she eat the popcorn she’d just been given with this gum in her mouth? So she tried to hand me her chewed gum. I said NO WAY was I taking that, she could throw it away once we got in the stadium. And the tear started flowing, “but Grandpa says I can’t take this popcorn in.” So I asked her to hand me the popcorn bag and as she handed it over, I MAY have said, “I’ll eat the popcorn, you keep that gum.” The water works opened up, as I tore off a small piece of the bag for her to throw her gum in so I could hold it until we got to the stadium. She had the popcorn and I had the gum…and we it wasn’t even kickoff. SPECTACULAR.

I was , thus, prepared for Bug to start complaining about 15 minutes after we sat down. Which, of course, she did because she was thirsty and hungry and NEEDED candy. I side stepped all of that by pointing her in the direction of the scoreboard and postponing any purchases until the second quarter. Then the yelling began. Not by my kids, but by the passionate guy behind us. “Go D”…”Come on D, get ‘im“. And a very interesting things happens, Bug asks questions, about THE GAME.
Bug: “Why does he keep saying “Go D”?
Me: “Because our team is on defense. See the guys in white down there are trying to get to this big rectangle down here and our team (in red) is trying to stop them. We are defense.”
Bug: “Can I yell, Go D”
Me: “Sure”
Bug: “Tell me when”
Me: “Well, now we’re offense. So we’re trying to get the ball way down there to that rectangle.”
Bug: “Can I yell, Go O, then?”
Me: “Well, we don’t really say that, but you can yell ‘Go Team’ or ‘Go Patriots’ or just ‘Go’”
Bug: “Why don’t we say Go O?”
Me: “It’s a good question, but I can only assume it’s because we’d really sound like we’re stuttering.”
Bug: “Ok <> Can I yell ‘Go Team’, now?”
Me: “Well, dear we’re on defense again, now.”

At this point, Bug is still interested, but a little frustrated in how quickly things keep changing. (Frankly, the rapid fire of turnovers had the fans a little concerned, as well.) So, Bear in the way only a too-smart for his own good big brother can do, simplified the situation for Bug…

Bear: “When the big fat guys run off the field and the skinny white guys come on the field that’s the offense. When it’s the other way around, that’s defense.”
Me: <>
Everyone sitting within earshot: <> “Did you hear that kid?”
Me: (finally able to speak) “I guess that Football for Dummies book really paid off”

Not too long after that, they asked to go stand down by the railing near the field with all the other kids. I let them go. They had a great time. Often I saw Bear pointing out on to the field explaining things to his sister. I can only hope it had to do with the game and was in some way shape or form a little more PC than his earlier attempts. They didn’t fight, they got along great and they watched college football for a short while on Saturday and the NFL on Sunday with me. Overall, it was a hugely successful weekend. We do have to work on a deeper understanding of game, CLEARLY, but eventually they may take after me. I don’t know that Bug will ever have 2.5 fantasy football teams and a weekly wager on select games, but she may be able to hold her own when she stumbles on a cute boy in college. That’s really all I can ask.

You can breathe easier, now

September 17, 2009

We are alive and moved in and almost comfortable. (although there’s plenty of work left to do) I haven’t written because I have two big posts I want to write. One about the awesomeness that is our house and one about my trip up a freaking mountain in Colorado. But the truth is, those are going to take some time and I have to quite “waiting” for the perfect time to crunch those out before I start writing about the mundane fun that is our life.
So many funny things have actually happened since I last wrote, but my effort to remember them all has been drained by the necessity to determine where the couch will go, how will we store this that or the other and which box did we pack the extra toilet paper in. (It took us an hour to find…and all three of us went straight to a bathroom as soon as we found it.) I thought today, to kick off my revival of the blog, I’d throw out some one liners that have come up during the move. Enjoy and we’ll be back to all our regular scheduled posting soon….

Me: (at dinner, teasing the boy) Bear, all you’ve been doing is griping.
Him: (picking a grape up off his plate) Well, NOW I’m graping!

Me: Bear, You need to be asleep.
Him: Is Bug awake, still?
Me: No, she’s a good little girl.
Him: Sorry, I’m not a good little girl, Mom.

Me: How was your day?
Her: I ate potatoes.
Me: Ummm…ok?
Her: That is all.

Me: Bear, it’s time to go practice your clarinet.
Bug: Oh…I have somewhere else to be…outside…away from here.
Bear: Thank you, dear sister, for your support.

The "Bathtism"

August 4, 2009

This Sunday we attended my niece’s “bathtism”. Yes, once again, this is a bug-ism. I reminded her each and every time she said it for the two days before that it was a “baPtism”…however, in the long run, she’s really pretty close to right. The kids were really looking forward to going, as the Catholic tradition is to perform these with only the family present. For some reason, this was AWESOME to them.
We arrived at the church about 15 minutes prior to the service beginning. My sister is SO much better about taking pictures for not only the big occasions, but also the little every day things than I am. Heck, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been somewhere cool and either forgot my camera or the batteries were dead. She’s amazing to me in that regard. So we took pictures and took in the beautiful sanctuary in their church. Since they are Catholic and we are not, and they fairly recently moved back to Omaha, we hadn’t had the opportunity to really spend much time here in their church.
As the service began, my sister’s 3 year old daughter decided she would sit with us. Well, really, she would sit with bearandbug (their names are all one word to her) and I would try to keep them all “behaved”. They did remarkably well. Fortunately Deacon Don noticed that they were very squirmy and he invited the bear and the bug to assist with the service.

They took their job very seriously and made their momma proud. It was a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful baby girl and a very good reminder of how wonderful our family truly is.

Wordless Wednesday

July 29, 2009

Ok…I’m too excited to make it totally wordless…ALMOST DONE!


July 29, 2009

Sleepovers are a blessing and a curse. With both the Bear and the Bug, they have such a good time with their friends. I like getting to know their friends. It’s easy to keep them entertained and somewhat “controlled” while still notably occupied. I actually love giving my kids the opportunity to have sleepovers with their friends, but…the consequences are often severe.
This weekend Bug had her friend spend the night on Friday. We did several art projects, watched movies and for two 6 year old girls, they ate me out of house and home. I considered it a HUGE win, when I went downstairs and they were both asleep at 10:15. But then the morning came, they were up at 5:30 am and they were loud. They expected a FULL breakfast at 7 am…I was tired. I did my best to put them off, but grudgingly got up, made a STRONG pot of coffee and some cinnamon rolls to quiet their beastly pleadings. After breaking child labor laws with all three kids doing some light house keeping, I took them to the neighborhood pool before dropping Bug’s friend back off at home. Bug was crabby and emotional during the afternoon, but we kept busy with a picnic and party for Bear’s tae kwon do club. Once home, I encouraged them both to rest and Bug managed to sleep the evening away…to the point that I had to carry her out to the car to drop Bear off at his sleepover before dinner. I was never so thankful to NOT be hosting as I was that night.
Sunday when we picked up the Bear, we could tell there was not much sleep that had happened at his sleepover. On the way home, the bickering between two overly tired children began, and that’s when I decided that yet another day at the pool was warranted. I could rest, they could play (NOT with each other) and the chlorine would assure that they would be too drained to fight that evening. For the most part it worked, Bear got REALLY tired in the afternoon sun and headed back to the house before the rest of us, but it was remarkably easy to put them both into bed Sunday night. What a relief!


July 26, 2009

It’s way late for me to be welcoming anyone who might be stopping by because of Jenn and Nic’s total awesome-ness that is BlogHer@Home. I really should have given you a little insight to myself before, but since almost everyone professes to be as far behind as I am on the Blog hopping maybe it’s not TOO late.
I’ve just started this blog. It’s a history for my kids. As I get more involved in the blogging community, I may start another blog where I whine and complain more, but for now, this one is for them. To remind them how they became who they are and give them a little insight to their genetic make-up. Read on and enjoy!

This one goes WAY back to the first month Bug was alive. She was a sweet baby, who hardly ever cried. Also, Bear was very fond of his little sister (in the beginning) and being home with him again was AWESOME. Bear followed me everywhere. He brought her diapers, he picked out clothes, he was my right hand. Pretty amazing for a 3 year old, really.
One afternoon, we were doing laundry, Bear was picking up his toys (which meant that he moved them from the main level of the house to the stairs) When Bug woke up from her nap, we could hear her little grunting sound on the monitor. We head up to her room (I noticed Bear’s cleaning, but unfortunately did nothing about it), cuddle the baby, change her diaper and get ready to head downstairs. As we’re heading down the stairs, Bear is talking a mile a minute to Bug about what we’re going to do that afternoon. I’m in awe over the beauty of their friendship and consequently not paying attention to much around me. Perhaps now you’re thinking, “Mom, that’s not so smart, Bear’s toys are on the stairs”. Well, about the third stair from the top, I was reminded….and we tumbled. My heart dropped, I wrapped my entire body around the baby as we fell clear to the bottom of the stairs. At the bottom, expecting to hear Bug cry and not hearing it, I’m checking for her breathing, bumps, red marks etc. Only she just stares at me and smiles. (Oh, baby, this was so not funny.) Bear, in the mean time, had worked his way down the remainder of the stairs and is standing over me. I was laying very still for what seemed (to him) like a long time as I checked the baby trying not to move in case anything WAS broken. As I finally gain the strength to move around (and have begun breathing again) Bear stands over me and says, “Oh thank you, Mommy, for moving. I didn’t want to have to call 911.” I was so proud of him at that moment.
Fast Forward another 3 years…In the new house, I’m in a hurry and I fall down the stairs (I didn’t think I was clumsy…but…) and am laying in a crumpled mess at the bottom of the stairs. Bear runs over to me “Mom, are you ok?” I tell him I am and attempt to pick myself up off the floor. “Good…because that was HILARIOUS, but I didn’t want to laugh until you were ok.”

Ah, my boy…he’s rapidly deteriorated from amazing, smart, respectful little man…to a sarcastic, smart alecked pain in the ass. I love him so.

I started this blog as a memory journal for my kids. But, these kids were funny long before I started writing about it. So now Thursdays are going to be some funny memory about my kids when they were younger. These will be tough to put together, but I want to get them for all posterity so that I can share these stories with them. Last night I was reminded of my little girl child, only 3 years old…and her early “mothering” tendencies as well as her concern for her mother’s sanity were already evident.

It was a typical Tuesday night and my girlfriends came over to sit around the kitchen table and release. This happened almost once a week, just for the pure joy it offered all of us. The kids are around, sometimes there’s a bottle of wine or a girly drink, sometimes just water. The kids would work hard to be funny in hopes of staying up later to be a part of all the laughing and drama. However, they were always surprisingly efficient when Mom finally says to go to bed. It was an awesome ritual. This particular night, despite the fact that the heaviest thing we were drinking was water; things got squirley. My BFF was over and things got out of control. We spent the evening practicing our Snoop Dogg dialect. (For the record, she’s a tall black woman, who has my back…so don’t think we were being haters…we were being HILARIOUS!) As the hilarity ensued, I got very giggly. Even the mere suggestion that a -izzle was comin‘, I was rolling. Well, I took a drink at a very inopportune time. As I took, maybe the biggest gulp of water, EVER…she drops the F bomb…FO_SHIZZLE. I tried my damnedest to save it. I slammed both hands over my mouth, tried to stop giggling and swallow the water…no luck. So I lurched off the couch and ran to the kitchen sink, hoping to contain the burst that was coming…no luck. Water.was.everywhere…on the couch, on the floor, all over me. I grabbed a towel, cleaned up the mess, still laughing to the point of tears . As I tried to compose myself (which was difficult, I mean I HAD just spit water over my ENTIRE main floor) I noticed my children staring at me. My son who was 7 was laughing, THIS was funny to him. My daughter was awestruck. There’s no other word for the slightly panicked, mostly confused look on her face. That started me laughing all over again.

As things calmed down and returned to normal, Bug was still quiet (VERY unusual) and focused on my attention to the water bottle. In a very sweet quiet way, she walked over to the coffee table in front of me, picked up my water bottle and turned a very reproachful eye on her mother. As she walked the water bottle over to the kitchen table, she informed me, “I’ll just move this over HERE, so that doesn’t happen again.” Truly a priceless moment.

This past weekend, Bug and I had fun. My mom brought over my fashion plates from when I was a little girl. I couldn’t believe my mom had saved them and that they were still in such good shape. I have very vivid memories of hanging out with my friends creating entire “fashion” catalogues with Duran Duran on MTV in the background.

Bug thought I was NUTS when I brought this up, but decided she would entertain her mother for a short bit. We didn’t have hours to put into our catalogues, but we got started with a flurry. The fashions may have changed some, but I see hours of this in our future…and it’s SO much easier than putting clothes on Barbies.